A Blog A Week Makes The Songwriter Speak

For the next nine weeks I will be plunging into the first ever Canadian Social Media Blogging Challenge, led by social media marketing guru Ariel Hyatt. The challenge invites us to participate in the process outlined in her book “Music Success in Nine Weeks“. We’ve been asked to write a blog a week, reflecting on the chapters, starting with Week 1 and, you guessed it, ending with Week 9. Sixty other songwriters are participating and I hope we all finish with soaring colours (or at least unscathed and smoother around the edges).

Tonight I closed out of my online chess game (my biggest temptation lately) and opened the book. Chapter 1 begins with goal setting. Goal Setting. YUCK. *grin* Don’t get me wrong, I get it. Writing down my dreams has no doubt helped me achieve them in the past. The pen is mightier than most things… But even though I logically know all the benefits of writing down my vision for the future there was still a sinking feeling in my stomach tonight when I began to think about my goals.

I guess for me the act of writing down goals seems to walk hand in hand with the fear of failing them. If I write them down I have to be accountable for potentially not living up to my own expectations, hopes, dreams, all that. And then after I conquer my fear of failure (or at least be able to let the fear of not achieving my goals subside), I get to mull over the idea of stepping out of my default life mode and consciously create my future. Yikes! All this with just two tiny words: Goal Setting. No wonder New Years resolutions get such a bad rap!

I’m relieved to say that tonight I was able to push aside the self-critic and the worrier inside me who tend to show up uninvited all too often. I resolved to get comfy with my goals. I lit a beeswax candle and sipped licorice tea. Then I grabbed a pen.

I wrote my music goals for the next 6 months. 12 months for me seemed a bit long so I decided on 6 month goals that I could see happening. I crumpled up paper. I kept writing. Then I crumpled up more paper (Shout out to the Recycling Bin). I decided on 6 goals that are very close to me. I wrote them in the present as though they had actually happened as Ariel suggested.

And then a juicy thing occurred. The sinking feeling in my stomach began to melt and I felt a smile creep up inside me.

I dropped the pen and grabbed a few markers and blank paper. The fuchsia clashed with bright red (I’m NOT an artist) so another paper was injured in the making of these goals.

But they’re alive now. They’re breathing on the paper and inside me. Hopefully soon they’ll be pushing up through the surface of my life like a tiny plant.

And the best part is I’m excited about them.

Move over self-doubt, a blog a week makes the songwriter speak.

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27 Responses to A Blog A Week Makes The Songwriter Speak

  1. Lucy LeBlanc says:

    Good posting…I enjoyed reading it. If I hadn’t already written down my goals, I’d have been inspired by your blog to do so.

  2. Wow – great post – very inspirational!!

  3. karynellis says:

    I suggest you make little flowers out of those crumpled pieces of paper. Out of a jumble of ideas, a garden grows! Thanks for the post, Aynsley. Happy challenge! Your fellow MSi9W3er, Karyn

  4. Tracy Mills says:

    Fuchsia clashes with red? Oops.

    • Aynsley Saxe says:

      lol! well, I guess there are really no rules… Reminds me of how I used to choose my clothes for kindergarten and my older sisters would say to my Mom “How can you let her go like that!!??!” Apparently I was dressed-to-clash in a serious way….. Maybe the markers the other night were telling me to keep the spirit of the 6 year old alive in me. Thanks for reading and commenting Tracy!

  5. I admire your honesty and I think that is one of the things that makes a songwriter great – this ability to bare one’s soul. Already I’m your fan!

  6. Jinral Tao says:

    You’re very poetic. Methinks it will come out in your songwriting.
    Would love to hear what you got going on inside that head/heart of yours.

    I’m liking your blog. Puts mine to shame. (I think I did it wrong – but, I tried).

    Keep on going…

  7. Heather says:

    You’re such a great writer. You make me laugh!! H xo

  8. Don Sawchuk says:

    Aynsley, nice job. I still haven’t posted my first blog yet. I’m having trouble setting it up and staying motivated. Thanks for the inspiration. Don

  9. Wendy Saxe says:

    Aynsley, Your willingness to expose your feelings has made your blog very readable. It also allows others to connect to you. Well done! Wendy

  10. Shout out to the Recycling Bin! Don’t we all know THAT feeling…. thanks for your total honesty here – this stuff IS confronting and you pushed past the first roadblock – YOU 🙂 Tahnks for motivating me to do the same this week!

    • Aynsley Saxe says:

      Hi Ariel, Thank YOU so much for launching the challenge and giving us songwriters the opportunity to explore marketing ourselves through a focused avenue. It’s nice to know we’re not alone on this path! Onwards! 😀

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