(Don’t) Go Vintage or Go Home

Driving to the recording studio a few weeks ago I was pulled over by the police. Apparently the officer thought I was talking on my cell phone while driving – I wasn’t.

If he had known what it looked like he probably wouldn’t have pulled me over.

This is my cell phone:

Yup. Vintage.

This little cell phone has served me well over the (many) years and as you can see, it’s been well loved. But now, I fear, the end is drawing near. It is time to cell its soul and seal its fate with the other jumbo mobile phones in cell phone heaven. Remember them? You didn’t have to go to the gym for a week after talking on them. Plus they came with the bonus feature of being able to poke someone’s eye out with an antenna the size of a ski pole. My parents had a “car phone” that had to be charged for a week and then the battery would last about an hour in good weather. It sat on the floor of the passenger side taking up as much room as a small dog. Less furry though. Usually.

This week exploring a new cell phone was just the tip of the iceberg. Week 4 of our Music Success in Nine Weeks Songwriters Challenge urges us to plunge into Social Media. I decided to start by navigating through my current social media sites (that I remember the password for!), adding Wild Blue Yonder (see Week 3) to the background as I surfed:

Official Music Website
|| FaceBook Fan Page || Twitter || MySpace

Reverbnation || WordPress

I also splashed for the first time into:

FanBridge || Klout || YouTube || Linked In

How do I feel now? A little blurry. Like I have saltwater in my eyes and it’s time for a pina colada.

Last week @ the Songwriters Association of Canada’s Songposium Brian Thompson (Digital Strategist) spoke of the 80/20 rule. He encouraged us to create great content with our tweets or posts 80% of the time, and pitch/market ourselves only 20% of the time. That means that if you are sending out 10 tweets a week, only 2 of them should be to market/promote yourself. Granted, you’re marketing yourself all the time with awesome content, but keep the pitching on the down low.

This makes a lot of sense to me. The tweets I pass over with glazed eyes are those that are all pitch and no fun. Those that keep me coming back for more are colourful, interesting, funny, heartwarming or relevant to me (i.e., a direct message). They have that special little something that makes me smile or gives me energy. Some tweets make you feel like you just stepped into a pair of warm and fuzzy socks and there’s a blizzard outside.

The icebergs aren’t melting. We are flowing in a wild and rapidly changing, cyber ocean. I must go now. I have to find my flippers, update my sidestroke and sidebar and anchor a cell phone data plan – sans-vintage.


P.S. I feel like a kid in the schoolyard asking you to Like Me on Facebook but I will smile all through recess if you do. πŸ˜€

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17 Responses to (Don’t) Go Vintage or Go Home

  1. Kat Leonard says:

    You are a charm on the bracelet of life!!! xoxox

  2. karynellis says:

    So, what happened? Did he still give you the ticket? πŸ˜›

    • Aynsley Saxe says:

      No ticket – just a warning! I think he could tell by the shocked look on my face that he was on the wrong track. He left as I was trying to dig my cell phone out of the bottom of my purse to show him I didn’t even have it on (maybe that’s how it got all the scratches). We all know how many things can be found in purses so he left me alone during that episode!!!

  3. Don Sawchuk says:

    I like your blog Ayns. Hit home for me! Don

  4. siouxberry says:

    now THAT’S a cell phone! don’t make ’em like that anymore. !

  5. Heather Hill says:

    I like your cellphone – it does the job! Your sites all look great btw. Way to go! Just curious – what does Fanbridge give you that is different than Reverb, etc.?

    • Aynsley Saxe says:

      Thanks Heather! The platform of Fanbridge seems very clean & easy to navigate. I haven’t done an email campaign yet so I can’t comment on the difference between it and Reverbnation but I do find the look of it easier to maneuver & understand. Reverb seems very packed to me. I also like the Fan Comments/Questions section it has. It’s free to join so you might as well check it out & see if it’s something that might work for you.

  6. Hi Aynsley- thx for this- I too still feel blurry from the whirl
    wind of new techno stuff but will all sort itself out …I think…? Great way to ask for a like too. So sweet!

    • Aynsley Saxe says:

      Hi Christie! It’s definitely a whirlwind but I think we’ll all catch a wave at some point…or sink trying! πŸ™‚ Thanks for coming by and commenting – I appreciate it!

  7. wolfrimbaud says:

    The 80/20 ‘rule’ is bullshit and only serves to clutter up something that is already a mess.

  8. Ayns, I like your humour! And your photo…thanks for making me smile.

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