Unleashing the 5th Chakra

Years ago, during a guided meditation, I sunk deep into my body’s awareness. I became conscious of my energy; where it was flowing well, and places where it was blocked. With eyes closed, breathing softly, I felt an impenetrable constriction around my throat. It felt like an iron vice.

At this point I’m sure I would have chosen to end the guided meditation and return to the room (and forgotten the exploration as though it was a bad dream) if I didn’t have a compassionate and trusted energy-counselor gently urging me on to deeper insight. Kids, you may not want to try this alone.

As I continued to ‘feel’ the vice, I began to shake with fear. I had an image of myself walking underground along a dark tunnel. It was as though I was in a dungeon or prison. I was being led by the throat, by the chain around my neck, and I knew I would be decapitated. As I watched myself being led, I knew in my heart that I had to speak. I had to express myself. I knew that I would die if I did, but this was what I needed to do.

I stayed trembling with the fear until it subsided slowly and I felt the vice disintegrating. I came back to the room feeling vulnerable and strong (yes, both at the same time) and gifted with insight from the deep. Whether these visuals came from the corners of my brain or my soul or were just imaginary thoughts makes no difference to me. The insight was what mattered: I must speak. I must sing. I must express myself. It is my air.

For Week 6 of the Canadian Songwriters Social Media Challenge, I want to send kudos to:

Writers who have the courage to express their truth

Artists who sing what is in their hearts

Bloggers who push into deeper communication

Putting yourself out there for the world to see, critique, judge, embrace or condemn is for the brave.

To all of you with the urge to share and connect, thank you for unleashing your 5th Chakra. Thanks for weaving your truth into the fabric of the world.

You inspire me.

xo Aynsley

P.S. A little more about Chapter 6 – I had a whirl of a time searching through blogs that might eventually want to write about my music (there are a lot of blogs and bloggers out there!!!). I’ve got my eye on a few that I hope may potentially cover me down the road. Some were Toronto based and cover the local music scene. I also started a blog roll and RSS feed this week. I liked, subscribed to, commented on and sent kudos out to them. I have a feeling this week’s work will never end but hopefully in time I will get better at finding those bloggers that resonate with my sound. The way to embark on a long journey is one breath at a time, right?

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7 Responses to Unleashing the 5th Chakra

  1. Aynsley, Thank you for your courageous and compelling post. It’s a call for everyone to express themselves. Air.

  2. Tom Shea says:

    Great post, Anysley. I applaud your courage. It can be frightening to look so deeply into yourself, and it can be frightening to act on what you find once you find it. So glad you are letting your voice be heard.

  3. Lucy LeBlanc says:

    I’ve never had a guided meditation, and barely know what it is, but it was very enlighting to read your post…I could feel the fear coming up from the page; and your sheer determination to speak out, and express yourself. A compelling post, indeed.

    • Aynsley Saxe says:

      Thanks Lucy – I decided to change my posts up a bit (and get even more personal) for Week 6. I wasn’t sure how it would go over so I really appreciate you commenting. P.S. Guided meditations are awesome if you find the good ones (not necessarily dungeon explorations haha).

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