Positive-Thought Boot Camp

Raise your hand if the first thing you think of when you hear the word “funnel” is the keg party you should have avoided during your 1st year of college or university. Raise your other hand if you think of the keg party AND decadent funnel cakes with vanilla ice cream on top. Raise your left foot if…well, never mind.

We have stepped into Week 8 of the Canadian Songwriters Social Media Challenge. This week we are thinking about funnels, not the keg party or dessert kind I’m afraid, but income funnels that stream continuing financial success for us, through our music, or through a multitude of other channels available to the imaginative songwriter, turned marketing genius.

I have a confession to make. For a long time I never wanted to mix my songwriting (a.k.a. my art, my craft, my passion, my love), with making money. When I write it down here it sounds absurd. Why wouldn’t I? Logically I know there’s absolutely nothing wrong, and actually, everything right about making money doing what you love. But it’s taken me a long time to reconcile this idea within myself.

Why? I’m not totally sure. Perhaps I adopted long-held beliefs that work isn’t supposed to be fun. Or maybe I believed that artists are not just hungry, they’re starving! (For funnel cakes maybe!?) Perhaps I thought money was an ugly topic that was better to avoid altogether. Maybe I never wanted to “taint” my art by feeling like I was trying to “get” anything from anyone…. The list goes on.

Thankfully I’m recognizing these beliefs aren’t serving me any longer and I’ve been coaching myself into better feeling thoughts about making money. It’s been a relief. I know that when I feel great about money, and know deep down that it’s GOOD for me to receive it, that’s when the abundance funnel will really start to flow.

Although this chapter focuses on creating a continuum plan for fans to hook into, so they will buy products and services from me over and over again, I’ve backed up a bit. I don’t believe we can genuinely receive much from the outside world before we’re willing to receive it within ourselves. Therefore I’ve started the continuum plan within myself first. Building this foundation, allowing abundance in, and truly believing I’m worthy of receiving it, is where I’m beginning. I’m calling this my inward continuum program.

I started with affirmations. I’ve learned that affirmations work when you really FEEL the essence behind the phrase. Rattling off the words unconsciously doesn’t work (trust me I’ve tried it). It’s also good to keep the affirmations positive and in the present, similar to how we wrote down our goals in Ariel’s Week 1 process. Some examples:

Repeating and soaking up the good vibes in these affirmations have been a little like positive-thought boot camp. I know it’s working because I’m feeling better and better about making money. Before Jim Carrey had ‘made it’ he carried around a $10 million dollar cheque in his pocket, hoping, or perhaps knowing, one day he would cash it. Don’t underestimate the power of thought, visualizing your goals and imagining them as if they’re really happening NOW.

(Side Note: I’ve been so inspired by Karyn Ellis’ blogs I’ve added a few colourful affirmations here.)

When I think about music, money and service as an exchange of energy, I know that everyone wins. Fans win when I sell my music (or other avenues to generate revenue that they want to buy). I win when they bless me with their cash. People will only pay for what they believe has value to them so my next step is to create my “outward” continuum program, alongside my continuing inward continuum program. Dare you to say that 5 times really fast. 🙂

A few ideas I have for future income streams are: Contests, STAGEIT (check it out – it’s an online platform for streaming live shows. Your fans can even tip you for a show you play online – kind of like Skype for your fans!), Handmade Songs & Song of the Month Club for special VIP fans.

To sum up, my Inward Continuum Program involves:

Daily affirmations and positive-thought boot camp
Writing down my financial goals each month and reviewing them (and keeping them positive and in the present)
Meditating on how I can best serve in a way that feels joyful & fantastic for me while keeping my ears peeled for what my fans crave

Ideas for my Outward Continuum Program:

Contests (at shows as well as through my newsletter)
StageIt Online Shows (4 times/year)
Handmade Songs
Song of the Month Club for VIP fans that are in the club!

See you soon for the final Chapter (but certainly not the final frontier!) – Week 9!!!

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15 Responses to Positive-Thought Boot Camp

  1. Tucker says:

    Coming to grips with art-as-product seems to be common theme in the challenge blogs this week. I always try to remember that money is a tool not a goal.

  2. Aynsley, Great Blog! What a nice transition from P1 to P2 (the teacher in me comes out!) Your continuum programs seemed destined for payoffs. Interesting that there seems to be a common theme among the MSi9W3ers about questioning music & making money. I mean, I’m sure we can’t think of a more valuable thing to US, right? Anyway, best wishes for continuum success!

    • Aynsley Saxe says:

      Hi Debra,
      Thanks for your kind remarks. They mean a lot to me as I know how deeply you look at strategies for songwriters! It is interesting that the ‘making money’ issue seems to pervade us artists… Best wishes to your continuum success too haha.

  3. Kat Leonard says:

    I think our struggles with money stem from that damn Judge shrieking at us that we’re not worthy. “who am I to think my music is worth something to someone else?” And when we enjoy doing it so much it sometimes feels too good to be true that we could be making a living at it. What a blessing if everyone in the universe should be able to make a living at what they love!

  4. Lucy LeBlanc says:

    What a wonderful insightful blog, Aynsley…an inward continuum program…just the place where I think I’ll start.

  5. Heather Hill says:

    Great post Ayns! I loved reading your post. stageit is a good way to play a lot and aconnect with fans. Great things are happening!

  6. Great post, Aynsley!! I love your colourful affirmations!!! Amazing idea!! An internal continuum program is so incredibly smart!

    • Aynsley Saxe says:

      Thanks Jessica!!!! For everyone’s sake I chose not to attempt to *draw* anything this time around and just had a little fun writing in colour instead. 🙂 It’s been awesome connecting with you and reading your blogs too. You dove in headfirst and are definitely inspiring!

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  8. click says:

    I was curious about if you ever thought of adjusting the design of your website? Its very well written; I really like what you have got to state. But maybe you can create a a bit more in the way of written content so people could connect to it better. Youve got an awful lot of wording for only having one or two images. Maybe you could space it out better?

    • Aynsley Saxe says:

      Hello and thanks for reading and for your comment. I do have plans to redo the design at some point in the future. Thanks for encouraging me in that direction. 🙂

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