Morning Pages, Affirmations and My Artist’s Prayer

For the last three weeks I have been plugging away at “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron.  I’m now at Week 4 of a 12 Week Journey.  I’ve been learning that the pen is not only mightier than the sword, but also is a sword itself, and can easily cut through deadwood in our minds and hearts.  How do I know this?

I’ve been faithfully writing my morning pages nearly ever morning and tagging on daily positive affirmations at the end of them too if I have time.  I’ve only skipped my morning pages one day in the last four weeks which I’m pretty surprised about actually!  (I started them a week before officially starting Week 1 in case you’re counting).  When I first learned about what was involved with Morning Pages I thought I would detest getting up earlier to write them.  I thought I would be yawning, tired, bored, listless, incoherent.   I like my precious shut-eye and getting up a 1/2 hour earlier seemed like it was going to rob me of my beautiful sleep and for what purpose?  Stream of consciousness writing?  “Blah!!” I thought.     But after about day 5 I admit I was almost looking forward to getting out of bed knowing the first half hour of the day was entirely my own.  I wasn’t rushing around trying to get anywhere.   The first half hour of my day was all for me and my own personal surprising and daunting psyche.

The trick about writing Morning Pages, Julia Cameron says, is to just let your consciousness stream out of you.  Don’t worry about what you’re writing – and don’t even read what you wrote – ever again (unless you really really want to).  Just let it all out.  Write anything that comes up.  Everyday my writing is a little different depending on my mood and what’s going on in my life.  Some days there is a lot of emotion, some days less so.  But every day that I write them I feel a little more connected to myself.  I feel like I know what’s going on inside me.  It’s not always pleasant.  In fact, it’s almost always unpleasant!  It’s amazing what can pour out of our minds and hearts when we let it flow unobstructed.    With these morning pages I’ve got my eyes wide open looking inward.  It’s a little scary seeing what’s going on in all the parts of my life that bubble up.  But also very empowering.

I feel like I’m recovering a sense of power inside myself when I’m connected to the page.  They’re like little miracle pages, shaping my consciousness, showing me the truth of what I want.  What’s not working.  What is working.  What needs to change in my life.  I highly recommend them to anyone wanting a little more power in their lives and in themselves.   Use them wisely though because you may start making positive changes in your life you always wanted to make!

This week I also have been mulling over the Artist’s Prayer.  Julia Cameron wrote a beautiful prayer in her book, and prompted us readers to write our own prayer.  I wasn’t brought up in a religious family but do believe in a Higher Power, a Loving Force, whatever you want to call it, that resides inside of us and surrounds us continually.   While I often feel strongly connected to the Great Creator and Angels while practicing Reiki, praying and meditating, I’ve been feeling tinges of spiritual loneliness lately.   Perhaps because I haven’t made a lot of time for those activities lately, or perhaps because I am feeling like I’m missing a part of myself that I am slowly recovering through this creative journey of self-exploration.   I’ve been reminded by Julia Cameron that before we feel new light emerging within us, we go through periods of darkness.

When my artist’s prayer bubbled up, it was very personal for me.  And I think that’s where the power lies.  It was me coming clear with me.  I was willing to declare my wishes out there and ask for help from an all-loving, all-encompassing force.  I rewrote the prayer four times, and this is what I came up with:


Dear Great Spirit, Great Creator and angels who watch over me,

Thank you for being with me and helping me know I am not alone.

Thank you for helping me trust in the divine power inside me and that surrounds me.

Please help me courageously share my music and express myself.

Please help me feel safe and secure as I open to my creativity.

Please nurture me and help me nurture myself from a place of compassion and gentleness.

Please help me ask for and accept support emotionally, financially and spiritually.

Please help me give from a place of love, integrity and inner-strength.

Please help me know I am worthy and deserving of receiving prosperity.

Please help me honour myself in all ways.

Please help me trust in you, and trust in myself.

Please help me have confidence, true strength and positive expectations.

Thank you for helping me know I am a powerful, magnificent being of radiant light.

I welcome and give huge thanks for your guidance, wisdom and inspiration.

I give huge thanks for your complete and unwavering love and support.


Perhaps my request got instant attention because right after I wrote the prayer I got the inclination to write affirmations from my Artist’s Prayer.  I rewrote every line of the prayer as an  affirmation and felt the power of the phrases start to flow.

For the Prayer Line:  Please help me courageously share my music and express myself.

I wrote the Affirmation:  I courageously share my music and express myself.

For the Prayer Line:  Please help me feel safe and secure as I open to my creativity.

I wrote the Affirmation:  I am safe and secure as I open to my creativity.

(and so on)

Writing these prayer lines with an affirmation feels like a double whammy.  I’m calling for extra support from a Higher Power and also nurturing myself instantly with an affirmation tied to it.   I’m going to keep my Artist’s Prayer & Affirmations From My Artist’s Prayer in view for daily reading and integration.   I also am going to pick two affirmations to write daily (15-20 times each or so) and stick to them each week instead of tackling a variety of affirmations the way I’ve been doing.  I’m hoping that will help my mind and heart integrate on one or two beliefs fully before I move on to the next.  Write is Right after all… and change starts on the inside.

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17 Responses to Morning Pages, Affirmations and My Artist’s Prayer

  1. Heather Hill says:

    You are right this is an amazing prayer…I need to get back into that book!! Great blog! I love learning about what you are doing…

  2. Wow! Very powerful! I wish the people I’ve done this course with over the years would have been as committed as you are. So many of them refused to follow Julia’s suggestions for one reason or another. I always wondered why they bothered to set aside the 12 weeks for the work, if they were just going to second-guess her expertise. But I didn’t have the courage to call them on it either. It would have been so cool to share this process with you. Thank you for sharing your experiences now.

    • Aynsley Saxe says:

      Hi Maxine, thanks so much for your kind words. I guess everyone has their own timing for recovering their artist. Even just picking up the book and reading it is probably a big step for a lot of people. I’m sure you were a great influence on them just being part of the process with them. I appreciate you stopping by and being part of my journey. Let me know if you’re going to do the 12-weeks in the future as I’d love to support your path.

  3. Tom Shea says:

    Great writing, great searching, Aynsley. I’m an atheist, so when I read your prayer, I simply substituted “dear me” for “dear higher power.” Not in an egocentric way, but in a personal affirmation way. It still works just as well, and nicely bridges any gap between the prayer and the affirmation. Keep sharing!

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  5. Great Poem! Thanks for sharing it….

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  10. Kim says:

    Congratulations it is quite a journey!! 🙂

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  13. cskinnaird says:

    Hi Aynsley, I am also working and blogging on The Artist’s Way right now. I am at Week 4 and hoping to create an Artist’s Prayer, too. My favorite part of that chapter, though, actually, was the poem by J.C. (assumed to be Julia Cameron) at the end of the chapter. It was about words draping themselves over people, wrapping them in comfort, etc. I really loved it. I think my post on Week 4 will be about that.

    It is so encouraging to see others working on AW. I am really loving the process too; it is helping me to drain my brain every morning, to worry less during the day, and also to be more creative and less self-judging.

    I wish you the best in your creative work! Will keep tabs on your blog. =)

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