5 Steps to Feeling More Relaxed and Grounded

IMG_2815I am 17 days away from realizing a long awaited dream: to release an album.  The songs coming out on this CD I’ve watered and nurtured for a very long time.  I feel like I’m both a mid-wife and a mother; coaxing myself to birth these songs and to enjoy the process.  I feel nervous, excited and amazed that this is finally happening.

Now that I’m on the cusp of this dream, I’ve been fluctuating through every emotion on the spectrum; intense anticipation and excitement (take what you know of ‘excitement’ and times it by 10,000), anxiety and fear (“how will people react to my songs?”) and hope (“maybe everything will turn out okay”).  Then I loop back around and repeat them all again.   It’s a ride that’s for sure.

To keep more relaxed and grounded, I’ve been cozying up to these ideas:

1.  No Junk Food

I love chocolate.  LOVE it.  I usually enjoy a good sweet treat at least once a day so abstaining is challenging for me.  But sugar definitely does not help me relax so I’m saying goodbye to my little treats for now.  For the last four days I haven’t had any refined sugar and I do actually notice a difference in my energy.  I feel calmer and more grounded.  I hope I can keep this up until the release.  Perhaps then I’ll reward myself with a big piece of chocolate cake (or maybe I won’t want any by then…).  Unlikely – but who knows!

2.  Make a Decision

Choosing to make decisions is a powerful choice that can help you feel clear and confident about moving forward.  We may be afraid that if we make a decision we might disappoint ourselves if we don’t fully commit to it or change our mind.  But making a decision is a way to exercise your free will – your power and control over your life.   This morning I listened to what my heart Penwanted (and asked my mind’s fears and doubts to step aside momentarily).  I wrote down a few decisions that I chose to commit to.   It felt empowering.  Remember that to decide to relax is a choice too.  Whatever your decision, don’t forget to make it in the positive (i.e. “I now decide to eat well” or “I now decide to relax deeply for the next half hour”).  Tony Robbins’ book Awaken The Giant Within has some great ideas about how powerful making a decision is.  Of course you can always change your decisions down the road as circumstances or desires change, but deciding to commit NOW will start your engine that drives you onwards.

3.  Morning Pages

Where would I be without Morning Pages from Julia Cameron’s book The Artist’s Way?  It may not seem like a lot to those who haven’t tried it, but spilling your gutsartistsway every morning on three pieces of paper can leave you clearer, more relaxed and more in tune with yourself than you might think.  Morning pages help you take your emotional temperature.  They help you discover things you didn’t realize bothered you.  They help you know what you want.  What will you discover when you write them?  All you need are 3 pieces of paper, a pen and to get up a little earlier.   For me, the benefits of Morning Pages are worth far more than the few extra zzz’s.  (See my previous blog posts for more info about Morning Pages).

4.  Quiet Time

ReikitreesStep away from the noise, in your head and in the world (and on the internet!) and enjoy uninterrupted solace.  Find a comfortable, private, quiet space and close your eyes.  Then breathe deep, relax and repeat.  It’s amazing what a few moments of quiet and stillness can do for you.  You can tap into your deepest self, your spirit, your unique quality of energy in your veins.  You may remember there’s no need to be anywhere other than where you are.  If you are interested in taking your quiet time a step further, I recommend Ask Your Guides by Sonia Choquette to anyone wanting to improve their connection with their Angels, Guides or Highest Self.

5.  Be Good to Yourself

So often we remember how to treat other people compassionately and forget to be this way to ourselves.  Be kind, loving, gentle and sweet to yourself.  Treat yourself like the beautiful magnificent miracle being you are.  It’s hard sometimes if we are prone to negative self-talk.  But just a little self-awareness can help you transform that into compassionate-self-talk.  Send yourself the love you deserve.  Do something nice for yourself – right now.  Know you deserve it.  Because you really do.

I’d love to hear what you do to keep relaxed and centred, please feel free to comment if inspired.

xo Aynsley

P.S.  In case you’re in or near Toronto April 21st, would be thrilled to have you join me in celebrating my dream.  http://hughsroom.com/2013/02/aynsley-saxe-cd-release-party/

CD Release Party AynsleySaxe.com April 21 Hughs Room

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5 Responses to 5 Steps to Feeling More Relaxed and Grounded

  1. Kat Leonard says:

    Thanks for the reminders! I enjoy the benefits of Morning Pages and am intrigued by the decision-making tip! It DOES feel good to decide and move forward! I’m sceptical about the junk food though… Does that include chips? ;p

  2. Heather Hill says:

    So excited for you. Can’t wait to hear you perform these songs and hear all your recordings! I am so proud of you that you got it done and are excited about the process! I will be there with bells on! xo

    • Aynsley Saxe says:

      Hi Heather, thank you so much for all your support. You’ve witnessed so many of the hurdles, lows, highs and awesome moments on this journey. It’s been amazing having you along for the ride with me. I couldn’t imagine you NOT being there. Thanks for blazing the trail fellow Capricorn Moon. xo

  3. maxinespence says:

    Miss Aynsley – I’ve been waiting to hear all about the big event here on your blog. I saw a review at Miss Cowbell’s site and it looks like it was a smashing success. Your CD is wonderful and it was such fun to receive it in the mail! It’s taken me a good many listens and I still can’t choose a definitive favorite. I already knew (and loved) Stop, Drop & Roll. Winter Love is lovely . . . they are ALL so lovely, but I especially like the cheekiness of You Look So Fine and the melody and sentiment of The Piano Hears Me Now. I’m wondering what creative things you are playing with these days, now that this pie-in-the-sky dream has come true. I hope there’s more music making in your future. That’s definitely a place where you shine.

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